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Afton Chemical Ltd. (Polartech), England

Afton Chemical Ltd. have specialised in the market for metalworking fluids and manufacture both additives and packages.

ALFRED KOCHEN GmbH & Co. KG act as distributor for Germany and Austria, mainly of additives and packages.


Product Overview

  • Borate esters are an important component of most water-miscible metalworking fluids. Products with different boron content and various amines are on offer. Synthetic corrosion inhibitors for synthetic metalworking fluids as well as all additives like amine-free emulsifiers, coupling agents, defoamers, which are necessary ingredients for metalworking fluids, are also part of our distributive range.
  • With regard to packages, semi- and fully synthetic products as well as products specially designed to match customer requirements for various applications are available.

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