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Metaflake Limited, Scotland

ALFRED KOCHEN GmbH & Co. KG is the exclusive agent for the entire product portfolio of Metaflake Ltd., Scotland (, for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Metaflake was established in 1996 and manufacture high quality Silver Dollar aluminium pigments for the coatings , inks and plastics markets. They have taken a radical, new approach to a conservative industry, developing their own unique, environment-friendly and highly innovative technology.

Unlike almost all other manufacturers utilizing mineral spirit and/or other hydrocarbon solvents as the milling medium, Metaflake uses only water in the production process. In addition to the obvious environmental benefit, the resulting pigments are all highly brilliant, Silver Dollar type grades with unique properties not obtainable using the conventional approach.

Product Overview:


Coatings Range


Metaflake pigments are used in a wide range of water and solvent based coatings applications. All pigments are high performance, non-leafing, Silver Dollar types.


Aqua-Brite™ for Water Based Coatings

Metaflake produces an exciting range of stable pastes and pellets in a wide range of particle sizes for water based coatings.


SD Pastes

- 100% Water stabilised pastes

(60 % pigment in water)

SD-CT Pastes

- Coated aluminium pastes

(50 % pigment in IPA)

SD-WP Pellets

- Water dispersible pellets, high pigment loading

(88 % pigment in wetting agent)


Meta-Brite™ for Solvent Based Coatings

For solvent based formulations the same highly brilliant pigments developed for water based coatings are available in solvent paste form.


SD Pastes

- Silver Dollar solvent pastes

(60 – 67 % pigment in mineral spirit)



Inks Range


Metaflake has a range of water and solvent based aluminium pastes and pellets specially developed for gravure and flexo printing inks. For food and tobacco packaging inks, the absence of hydrocarbon solvents ensures the lowest residual taint & odor.


Aqua-Brite™ for Water Based Gravure & Flexo Inks:

GFX Pastes

- 100% Water pastes

(60 % pigment in water)


- Coated aluminium pastes with excellent

adhesion in dry granule form

(75 % pigment in wetting agent)

GFX-WP Pellets

- Water dispersible pellets

(88 % pigment in wetting agent)


Meta-Brite™ for Solvent Based Gravure & Flexo Inks:

GFX Pastes

- Very bright Silver Dollar pastes in various solvents e.g. ethyl actate, isopropanol to produce very high brilliance, high coverage, low odor inks with excellent inter-coat adhesion.


Special note for SCREEN INK customers:
All of the Aqua-Brite and Meta-Brite ranges also find use in screen inks. Due to the nature of screen printing, coarser pigments may also be used. Please visit the Metaflake Coatings page to discover a wider range of pigment particle sizes with application possibilities for screen inks. (



Plastics Range


The innovative water based approach allows Metaflake to offer odour free/solvent free pastes and pellets to be used for masterbatch application and compounds.


For details please visit:


Pellex™ (70 % pigment/ 30 % wax carrier)


Meta-Brite™ (80 – 85 % pigment/ 15-20 % non-hazardous white mineral oil)