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Under construction

From old to new, from dark to light - the modernization of the reception hallway of our office in Poststraße in Hamburg is progressing!

I took my first step into the offices of Alfred Kochen GmbH & Co. KG 24 years ago, back then for an interview for my apprenticeship as a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade.

One of the first impressions was the reception hallway with its high ceilings and right at the entrance the great old leaded windows. On the ceiling stucco and a designer lamp. Really hanseatic – I liked it right away.

But immediately after that began the reception hallway with the ceiling suspended – because of the cables above. With dark wood braces.

Certainly, this was expedient at the time and “state of the art” at the time of construction – in the meantime, however, this hallway always seemed a bit dark and rather old-fashioned due to the low ceiling and the old tube lamps.

Now we have redesigned the hallway. Significantly higher than before with its now white color and modern lighting, our reception hallway now looks much more inviting and modern. Stylistic elements such as the stucco molding or the “Hamburger Leiste” were continued and give our reception hallway a completely new flair.

The work is still in progress – the checkroom area is to be changed and, if necessary, the new building is to be built. the floor to be redone.

We are happy to see that it is moving forward!

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