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Since its foundation more than 25 years ago, Galactic has gained valuable experience in the area of biotechnology. Galactic develops natural solutions for the application in the food, feed, personal care, healthcare and industrial sectors. The food safety, nutrition and green chemistry specialized company Galactic offers environmentally friendly, sustainable products especially on the basis of lactic acid, such as ethyl lactate, butyl lactate, and other innovative products. In collaboration with its customers and partners from research, Galactic meets the challenges of nature, its unlimited potential for a sustainable future. Galactic has developed a variety of green solvents. These products have different dissolving powers, high flash points and low evaporation rates. You are mainly suitable as coalescents, open time extenders and are considered real alternative solvents. All solvents are based on renewable raw materials and are intended to replace some of the usual petrochemical products. The results in clear advantages for their formulations and their labeling.

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