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Bima 83 (http://www.bima83.fr) is a manufacturer of solvent dyes (SEPISOL®) and water-based dyes (BIMACID®). For over 35 years, the Cernay plant has been producing the entire range of solvent dyes (SEPISOL®) produced. Likewise there since In addition, the acid and direct dyes (BIMACID®) have been produced for several years. Bima sees itself as a customer-oriented manufacturer, with the aim, to supply dyes of the best possible quality in order to meet the constantly growing demands of the market. The production of most Sepisol dyes is based on the DU PONT DE NEMOURS license. The technology and expertise are constantly being developed, especially in the field of acid and direct dyes. Since 1980 Alfred Kochen GmbH & Co.KG has been responsible for the distribution of BIMA 83 dyes in Germany, Austria, Poland and Switzerland.

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