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Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd is a Japanese manufacturer of antimicrobial additives, which are used under marketed under the name Ionpure®. Ionpure® is an inorganic antimicrobial additive which consists of a glass matrix that is is mixed with silver ions. The company was founded in 1819 and employs at its current Aichi site in Japan around 3,000 employees. Alfred Kochen has been representing the Ishizuka company for many years with its antimicrobial Additives within the DACH region. Ionpure® is soluble glass containing antimicrobial silver ions. In general, the word “glass” is associated with an image of bottles and windows, and can be hardly imagine that it dissolves in water. In fact, you can use water soluble glass by changing the structure of the glass. Thus, the Ionpure® can be integrated into a Incorporate a variety of materials. The Ionpure® grades dissolve when they come into contact with moisture, and set gradually releases silver ions. The silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi as well as viruses. These qualities offer the following advantages: Transparency is maintained, very low tendency to yellowing, a heat resistance of up to 500 ̊C, applicable to/in a wide range of Materials (plastic; varnish (aqueous, Lömi, UV); fibers). Ionpure is already very effective at low dosages as well as EPA, FDA, NSF, BPR and EFSA compliant. Free effectiveness tests are offered by the supplier.

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