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John Hogg



John Hogg Technical Solutions Ltd (http://wwwjohnhogg.co.uk) is the most important manufacturer of marking dyes in Europe.

Throughout the world, there are government regulations and industry standards for fuel coloring and labeling used to identify different types of fuel with different tax rates or specifications.

John Hogg has over 30 years of knowledge and experience. These have enabled strong brands and market-leading products with exceptional quality and efficacy to be ensured across all sites in regulatory requirements.

Customer-oriented solutions are developed at all times. John Hogg is already the Euromarker leader, constantly looking for ways to optimize product performance and cost efficiency.

John Hogg has a broad and high-quality portfolio of dyes and markers, including long-standing brands such as DYEGUARD® and SUDAN®. Alfred Kochen GmbH & Co KG is the exclusive distributor for all DYEGUARD® fuel oil labeling products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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