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100 years of Matsui – a colorful story

One hundred years ago, the colorful history of Matsui International Company began in Kyoto, Japan and today Matsui is known as an innovator of eco-friendly grades and color-changing specialties.

In 1923, Kenji Matsui opened a paint store in Kyoto, Japan, and initially started trading in dyes. Years later, in 1948, the company began to produce crayons and painting materials. In the 1950s, Matsui entered the production of pigments and resins for the printing ink industry and discontinued the production of crayons and painting materials to focus on the textile printing business. In 1969, Matsui then also entered the paper transfer business. In the 1980s, the time for change had come and Matsui developed the color-changing, thermochromic special ink Chromicolor. In the late 1980s, the foreign subsidiary was established in Los Angeles, USA, and Matsui & Company, Inc changed its name to Matsui International Co. Inc with the clear intention of international expansion. Matsui then entered the wallpaper material trade in 1996 and penetrated the transfer paper market in 1998. Then in 2013, the DigiAce series, for writing materials and printer inks, is developed and patented. In the following years, other innovations followed, such as Aqua Indicator quality, which is a functional material that changes color from white to other colors when wet, and the latest flavoring and deodorizing agents for the textile sector. Today, Matsui International Inc. for a wide range of pigments, inks and printing ink products for a wide range of applications including: textiles, wallpapers, printing, transfer and specialty services.

In addition to the products, Matsui also offers the Matsui Color Mixer. This is a digital tool developed specifically for the needs of the industry to be used as the best technology for color matching. https://www.matsui-color.com/pages/matsui-color-system

Immerse yourself in the world of colors and effect pigments and take a look at the new, diverse product brochure from Matsui International Inc. an:

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