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Humidity and condensation indicators from Matsui

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Our supplier Matsui International has developed two new products in its laboratories in Japan, which we would like to introduce here.

It is both a humidity and condensation indicator. Both products are irreversible, means that after reaching the defined humidity/condensation you indicate this point with a defined color and this color marking remains.

Humidity indicator

This product detects humidity using a water-soluble pigment (aqua indicator) that turns darker as humidity increases and accumulates.

It is clear to very light in low humidity environments and slowly darkens in high humidity.

The indicator retains its color once it reaches its turnover point.

Condensation indicator

This product is an ink that describes the course of condensation by using a water-soluble pigment.

This ink is clear to extremely bright when stored frozen, but darkens due to condensation when thawed and retains its color after refreezing.

The possible areas of application are manifold. The food sector is conceivable, but also many other industries where the display of humidity or condensation changes are important.

Enclosed is some technical information about these new developments. If you are interested in getting to know these products, we will be happy to assist you.

Kim Paetzold and Markus Lehmann

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