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Metaflake Ltd.: Innovation in aluminum pigments for multiple applications

Metaflake Ltd, the respected manufacturer of water-milled aluminum pigments, proudly presents its latest product lines, highlighting the company's unwavering commitment to the advancement of pigment technology. These latest offerings cover a wide range of applications, including water-based coating systems, water-based inks, solvent-based inks, solvent-based paints and powder coatings. This remarkable versatility underscores Metaflake's deep expertise in this field.

1. AQUA-BRITE TCT: Redefining water-based coatings and inks

AQUA-BRITE TCT represents an exceptional series of highly stable aluminum pigments optimized for water-based coating systems and printing inks. Using state-of-the-art pigment encapsulation technology, these pigments retain their captivating metallic luster while improving stability and adhesion properties. This innovation enables manufacturers and creative professionals to achieve stunning metallic effects in water-based formulations.

2. META-BRITE GFX-AD: Increasing the quality of solvent-based printing inks

With the groundbreaking META-BRITE GFX-AD, Metaflake presents a series of super-bright metallic pigments in granule form, developed to enhance the quality of solvent-based inks. These pigments offer remarkable compatibility and adhesion properties. It is worth noting that they are manufactured without the use of mineral oils, which underscores Metaflake’s commitment to environmentally conscious solutions without compromising performance.

3. META-BRITE SD-SP: Revolutionizing solvent-based coating systems

In the field of solvent-based coatings, META-BRITE SD-SP brings a significant advance. These “Silver Dollar” pigments are supplied in a non-hazardous (non-dangerous good) and VOC-free finish, ensuring seamless integration into various solvent-based coating systems. This formulation precision underscores the compatibility of the pigments with various coatings and opens up expanded creative possibilities for coating professionals.

4. POWDER-BRITE PC: Shaping the future of powder coating

Metaflake’s commitment to innovation extends to the area of powder coating applications with POWDER-BRITE PC. This series introduces high-gloss, stabilized pigments that produce remarkable results in powder coating projects. The properties of the free-flowing powder greatly facilitate processing and ensure excellent chemical resistance in the final product application. This combination of aesthetics and durability opens up new possibilities for captivating surfaces in powder-coated objects.

As an industry pioneer, Metaflake Ltd. consistently redefines the potential of aluminum pigments through these innovative product lines. Manufacturers, creatives and professionals across industries can access groundbreaking solutions that seamlessly adapt to changing preferences and environmental considerations.

For comprehensive information on Metaflake’s extensive product range and its versatile applications, we invite you to explore the official website. See firsthand how Metaflake continues to push the boundaries in aluminum pigments.

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