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AGXX – 1st place in the “Products of the Year” competition organized by Kunststoffmagazin

We have been able to offer the innovative AGXX antimicrobial technology from Heraeus Precious Metals exclusively to our customers since March last year and are already supplying the first customers from various industries.

We are delighted that not only we at Alfred Kochen GmbH & Co. KG are convinced by the solution, but that the plastics industry has now also given its very positive feedback and chosen its winner – AGXX – in the “Materials and Materials Processing” category.

Martin Danz, Head of Antimicrobial Technologies (left), Dr. Maximilian Fritz, Project Manager Innovation Antimicrobial Technologies (center) at Heraeus Precious Metals, and Annina Schopen, Editor-in-Chief of KUNSTOFF MAGAZIN (right).

With AGXX, Heraeus Precious Metals has developed a long-lasting, antimicrobial additive – for plastics, among other things – that kills all types of microorganisms without releasing harmful substances. In addition to plastics and textiles, AGXX’s wide range of applications also includes paint & varnish, adhesives and much more.

To date, antimicrobial technologies based on the release of silver ions have been used. However, silver ions must be constantly released in order to effectively kill germs. AGXX technology is based on a catalytic reaction and not on the release of metal ions or other harmful substances; the active ingredient is generated only from water and oxygen.

Congratulations to the entire Heraeus Precious Metals team around Mr. Martin Danz (Head of Antimicrobial Technologies) for this great success.

If you have any further questions about AGXX technology, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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