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AGXX – Nominated in the competition for product of the year

With AGXX, our supplier Heraeus Precious Metals has developed a long-lasting, antimicrobial additive for plastics that kills all types of microorganisms without releasing harmful substances.

We are delighted that AGXX has been nominated by Kunststoff-Magazin in the competition for Product of the Year 2024 in the “Materials and Material Processing” category.

The nomination alone shows that this pioneering product can benefit your applications. Not only in the plastics sector, but also in the paint and varnish industry, e.g. as a pot or film preservative.

Many of our customers have already carried out tests with AGXX or are currently in the process of convincing themselves of the highly effective antimicrobial technology. At the same time, regulatory pressure is increasing – many (mainly silver-based) biocides are gradually disappearing from the market and will no longer be available in the future.

AGXX is a new, highly efficient antimicrobial technology whose mechanism of action is based on a catalytic reaction triggered by the interaction of two precious metals. In the presence of humidity, oxygen is converted into reactive oxygen species (ROS). The ROS kill all types of microorganisms by first destroying their outer membranes and then the organelles and DNA of the microorganisms. The mechanism is based on a circular redox system, i.e. AGXX is not consumed but continuously regenerated. In addition, the existing microelectric field between the two precious metals impairs important functions of the cell membrane and thus accelerates the killing of microorganisms.

Thanks to its innovative mechanism of action, AGXX works without releasing any metals or harmful compounds into the environment and therefore offers long-lasting antimicrobial protection.

For polymers with low water absorption capacity, the application of AGXX to the surface (e.g. by coextrusion/filming, coating, blending or additivation) is an option.

Application examples:

è Antimicrobial finishing of PES fabric, PA fabric or cotton fabric

è Incorporation into transparent films (PA films)

è PU flexible foams

è Film and pot preservation of paints and varnishes (effectiveness in the area of pot preservation has already been established at concentrations from 0.005% AGXX)

AGXX – with all its advantages – can already be used today in accordance with the Biocidal Products Directive (BPR) (active substance class of “in-situ generated free radicals”).

We cordially invite you to cast your vote for AGXX at the following link:


Select “AGXX” under point 4 Materials and material processing, insert your e-mail address and check the box “Accept terms and conditions”. By clicking the “Submit” button, you have given AGXX your vote.

We are looking forward to the result and are keeping our fingers crossed for Heraeus Precious Metals!

If you are interested in this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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