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Green and organic are trumps!

As in many areas of our lives, the trend towards green and bio-based raw materials continues in industry!

Our supplier Blackburn Chemicals Ltd. has also dedicated itself to this topic. With years of experience in the production of defoamers for a wide range of industrial applications and the associated responsible use of the available raw materials, the company now wants to additionally take advantage of the growing variety of renewable and bio-based raw materials. Thus, it has succeeded in launching a bio-based defoamer product line that utilizes nature’s raw materials and integrates them into the industry. An example of this is the Dispelair CF 54 bio-defoamer based on vegetable oil. With this product innovation, Blackburn Chemicals Ltd. has managed to develop a defoamer that is already made from 90% renewable raw materials (this is unique in the defoamer sector!) and still has a high dispersibility and offers 100% active ingredient content.

Key Facts:

  • On the basis of vegetable oil
  • Share of renewable raw materials is 90%
  • Free from coconut, palm and soybean oil
  • High dispersibility
  • Possible applications e.g. in paints and coatings with different pH ranges, adhesives and inks, paper coatings

If you are also interested in bringing nature and industry into harmony, just contact us! As a longtime representative of Blackburn Chemicals. Ltd. we will be happy to advise you!

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