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The Argentine supplier DIRANSA has been producing emulsion-based polymers in particular, as well as other specialty chemicals, for almost fifty years and is mainly active on the American continent (North and South America) and to some extent in Southern Europe (Iberian Peninsula).

In the field of floor coatings, they are a global player supplier, and they also supply printing ink resins to well-known major European customers.

DIRANSA, on the other hand, has not yet marketed these additives for plastics recycling and masterbatches in German-speaking countries.

DIRANSA’s plastic additives are a viable alternative to established products in the field of polymer chain extenders and compatibilizers as well as flow improvers. For example, a liquid version of such an additive is also offered, which has not previously been available in this form.

In addition, the series also includes a very interesting, highly efficient masterbatch additive that offers both flowability and flexibility and can be used with a wide variety of plastics.

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